Circle of Life

Imagine, if you will, Fort Worth, 1915…

The city "Where the West Begins" was moving into the 20th Century. But amidst the progress in many areas, the number of destitute women and children was actually on the rise. That's when a group of determined women said enough is enough. That's when they came together to give the helpless and defenseless a safe and loving home.

Now, more than 100 years later, the legacy of those founders continues through ACH Child and Family Services, a strong, well-managed nonprofit that remains steadfast in its mission to protect children and preserve families. Here to stay, ACH is trusted for its willingness and determination to address the more complex issues confronting our community.

Even after a century, the need is never ending

ACH is the recognized leader it is today because of the visionary women who wanted to leave a lasting legacy in our community. When you include ACH Child and Family Services in your will, trust or other long-term charitable plans, or when you make a direct gift to the endowment, you are making a commitment to a lifetime of better tomorrows. In doing so, you are leaving a legacy of caring for vulnerable children and families in North Texas, and you are giving them the one thing they need most – hope.

By documenting your intention to provide a legacy gift for ACH Child and Family Services, you will become an esteemed member of The Circle of Life Giving Society. Donations to The Circle of Life are invested and managed by the All Church Home for Children Foundation. The Foundation manages all endowment funds for ACH, including named endowments, from which earnings are distributed in keeping with the ACH mission of protecting children and preserving families.

You can help countless children and families…forever

ACH continues to innovate, improve and expand because the need for quality child welfare services continues to grow. 6,202 children were abused or neglected in Tarrant County in 2020, the fourth highest number of confirmed cases of any county in Texas.

Even one child robbed of their innocence is too many, but ACH serves thousands every year. On behalf of the children we serve – and will serve tomorrow and in generations to come – we hope you will choose to bless ACH with your continued support through a legacy gift to The Circle of Life.